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Affordable growth marketing for your small businesses

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

How do you keep the operational wheels turning and provide a great service for your existing customers, while at the same time grow your customer base and revenue?

You need expertise from a team that understands those pressures - you need a ‘wise woman’!

Wise Bird Marketing’s mission and is to help small businesses with a range of affordable, effective marketing packages that will impact your bottom line and assist you to achieve your longer-term goals.

We started out working with large retailers and blue chip organisations creating marketing campaigns to win more customers (and keep them coming back) to grow their revenue and their business.

Over the last few years we have used that experience to help small and local businesses grow their audience on digital platforms and convert them into customers - and sales. There’s a genuine satisfaction in using our marketing knowledge and seeing a business succeed.

Our low fee packages will help you with a range of essential marketing activities including:

1. Setting up, or sorting out, your social to keep your business front of mind. Create a digital shop window to grow your reach and give customers more reasons to keep coming back more often.

2. Optimising your website’s SEO, search and UX (user experience), enabling people who want your product or service locally and beyond to reach you more easily, understand your offering, enquire and purchase.

3. Gathering, storing and utilising your customer data (with full compliance) to build loyalty and drive repeat purchase.

We can also help you with business strategy, looking at new product or service development and routes to market with a clear growth plan.

If your business could benefit from support working on the business while you work in it, talk to Wise Bird and we’ll help you fly.

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