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5 reasons email marketing makes brilliant business sense for your small business

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Targeted emails are a great way to keep in contact with your customers and prospects and, in a fast changing online and offline world, are well worth every small business focusing on. Here’s why:

1. Regular emails remind people that your business exists and what you offer

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People lead busy lives, they have many options to choose from and email provides a way to keep your business top of mind. If a recipient is still deciding whether to visit, book or buy, a timely email is often the push they need. It’s also important to remember that to keep subscribers opening and reading your emails, they must be targeted to your audience and provide relevant, engaging, useful information.

2. Emails are a speedy way to tell customers about new products and services and will drive traffic to your website

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If you’re launching a new product, menu, or holding an event, email is a fast, cost-effective way of letting people know. Add the info to your newsletter, include a link for more information on your website and press send!

3. Providing an offer in an email will grow sales and encourage repeat purchase

Having a database of existing customers and prospects allows you to tailor your emails to different customer types: For example, sending an introductory offer to new subscribers or promoting a specific product to customers who have already visited or purchased.

4. As privacy regulations change, an active database is a valuable asset for your business

As Google phases out the use of third party cookies that track user behaviour, and Apple IOS 14.5 stops automatically providing data to Facebook, ‘first party data’, i.e. channels and data you own such as your website and customer emails, are of growing importance. Having a database means you’ll be able to communicate directly with your customers, so make sure you put in place some simple steps to ensure data is collected correctly: Add an opt-in box for subscribers to tick at the point of sign up (don’t risk being seen as spammy by emailing individuals who haven't opted-in) and always provide an option to unsubscribe in your emails.

5. Making it easy for people to subscribe will increase the return on the emails you send

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The more subscribers you have the greater the response to the emails you send. Look for opportunities along your customer journey where adding an opportunity to opt-in and subscribe can be included. For example, at the point of enquiry or booking on your website. In addition, add a separate, stand-alone email sign up form to your website. Add a button to subscribe to your emails on your Facebook page and other social media channels.

Email is a brilliant way for small businesses to keep in touch with customers. There are several email software packages available to store your data and link your website, social media and other channels. If you’d like advice on this or help setting up your emails, as well as creating a newsletter template and regular content, check out our affordable email packages and talk to us about how email can work for your business.

About the author

Sascha began her career in ad agencies working on campaigns for some of the UK's most well-known brands. She also spent 3 years as Muddy Stilettos' Marketing Director running their annual small business awards and promoting local businesses across the platform. Prior to launching Wise Bird Marketing she provided consultancy services to clients in hospitality launching restaurants, bars and hotels and running digital marketing activity to drive awareness and revenue.

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