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two women, female founders of Wise Bird Marketing working together developing markering ideas and plans on laptops in bright office


What gets us going is helping small businesses grow, enabling them to focus on the reason they started their businesses in the first place while we get on with their marketing.


We want to forge happy, long-term collaborative relationships built on mutual respect and an appreciation of each other’s expertise.

High Productivity

We work hard to keep costs low and productivity high.  We do it by getting the basics right and getting on with the job.  Made possible because we know what we are doing and have a wealth of experience on what works.

Streamlined Project Management


We’re pretty amazing at project management and have had years of practice.  We also make maximum use of technology for all the tracking, scheduling, posting and communicating. This is all free to our clients and easy to use - we’ll guide you through the practicalities.

Low Fees


We make every effort to keep our prices down and, just like you, we are a small business so we ask that you pay a deposit upfront before we start work and that you pay us on time.  If an invoice is unpaid by the due date then we will put your services on hold until the balance is paid. During this holding period rolling contracts will still be billed as usual.

Consultancy Service


When it comes to getting on with it - we stick to our guns and do what is asked and don’t spend time working outside the remit.  If, however, you need expert help developing your business, brand or marketing strategy our Consultancy Service is for you - we'd be delighted to help - find out more here. 



Our sole aim is to get your business flying and to see you reap the benefits of Wise Bird’s expertise – we’ll be just as chuffed as you with the results. 


We look forward to seeing you in the skies.

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