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How to drive traffic to your website from Instagram

Updated: May 10

Instagram is an amazingly powerful channel for increasing awareness and, for the right products, selling directly off the page - PLUS if used in the right way it can drive traffic to your website so you can provide information, gather data and convert enquiries to sales. Here are our wise words on how to do it:

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Drive traffic to your website from Instagram

1. Make the most of your Link in Bio

This is the only clickable link in your profile so make the most of it. At the very least make sure it links to your website – and if you change it regularly to direct traffic to specific pages – make sure it’s up to date.

Alternatively you can use one of the following to create a clickable grid with a single link that you don’t have to change on IG but you do need to keep up-to-date:

- Create a landing page on your website which replicates your Instagram feed. Upload the same images to the landing page as you load to your feed and add a link the specific web page that your IG post is promoting. You may need a little help from your developer to put this in place.

- Use IG’s linkinbio tool to create a clickable link or alternatively LinkTree. Both have free versions to get started with.

2. Include a clear, compelling Call-to-Action in your posts

Give people a reason to click – tell them what’s in it for them. Make it relevant, valuable, interesting and succinct.

C-T-A’s aren’t just good for your posts – you can also put them in your bio and in your stories or reels.

3. Use Direct Messages – you can include links in your DM’s

You’ve earned your followers so don’t be shy to DM them if you have some news or a new product or service that would be of interest. However, just like all your marketing comms don’t just be in sell-mode. Offer them useful insights and tips and encourage your followers to ask question in DM’s – but do answer them quickly.

4. Create Stories - Even if you don’t have 10k followers (the magic number to add the ‘swipe up’ feature) you can still drive traffic with Stories

Use Stories to promote a post on your IG grid (which includes a C-T-A to your link in bio) or pre-promote a blog post.

Familiarise yourself with Story tools to increase engagement, create hype or personalise your product or service offering;

- Gifs are a great way of highlighting your key points or adding humour and personality.

- Location and @mention stickers can increase your reach and refer people to partners or associated brands.

- The @mention sticker will only provide a ‘tap for more’ option for one account but you can @mention as many accounts as you want in your story text. IG will notify the accounts and provide them with the ability to share your story/message (wise-tip) minimise or hide the @mention if you want to do this discreetly.

- The question sticker allows you to ask your audience what help they need

- The countdown sticker creates hype around a launch date or event

- The Poll sticker can also help personalise your story

5. Use Highlights to extend the life of your Stories – and you don’t lose all your hard work

- Group stories together (testimonials, product range, services, events etc)

- Create a new first Story of your Highlight and make it a call-to-action asking your followers to click on the link in your bio.

- Then create a few Stories that share more information about the products, service or the blog post.

- End this Highlight with yet another C-T-A to click the link in your bio.

6. Post regularly and consistently

As with all marketing activity the more time you invest the greater the return. Being consistent is one of the best ways to drive more traffic from Instagram.

Quality content is king and so is having a planned, consistent publishing pattern with clear objectives and compelling C-T-A’s to help your audience know what to expect and 'train' them to click through to your website.

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